Toe the Line: The Art of Robin Judkins

Sound Op Beth Adams with Robin Judkins at Kinder Gallery

24 min documentary broadcast by The Documentary Channel and TVNZ 6, 2009

A bravura performance on screen and on wood from Robin Judkins as we explore self expression and political views expressed through his painting. The Coast to Coast legend was laid up by a quintuple bypass operation and told to stop working; after 3 months he picked up his daughter’s art supplies and began painting driftwood collected from Sumner beach. Within 12 months of his operation he exhibited 57 pieces of his work at Kinder Gallery in Sumner, New Zealand. ‘Toe The Line’ is Robin’s story told in his own inimitable style.

Location Sound: Beth Adam
Camera: Nicolas Pegg
Editor: Raymond Kennard

Trumpet: Andy Henry

Produced and Directed by Nicolas Pegg
Production Company: Prologue
© NCP Communications Ltd 2008


Resene Paints
Christchurch Arts Council

Preview of ‘Toe The Line: The Art Of Robin Judkins’ published in The Listener

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Sumner Class: A Lifeboat story

Camera Mike King on board LPC Rescue for Sumner Lifeboat

Production Company: Prologue
This work in progress is a long form documentary on the need and fundraising for, design and build of the first ‘Sumner Class’ Lifeboat. In the clip Coxswain Paul Lawson outlines the need for the new boat and how it became the ‘Sumner Class’.

You can see more Sumner Lifeboat video produced by Prologue here:

Coxswain Paul Lawson, Director Nicolas Pegg, Camera Mike King,
Sound Raymond Kennard

Hon Secretary Sumner Lifeboat Murray Johnson, Director Nicolas Pegg,
Camera Mike King, Sound Raymond Kennard

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